Production capacity

Instead of traditional double-side welding, Dereet Gong Tang utilizes a one-sided welding with back formation technology in order to obtain a better welding quality, and a better, more solid foundation for further glass lining processes. Dereet Gong Tang also owns and operates automatic submerged Arc welding machines, which assist in the delivery of an easier tack welding process for large components in glass lined equipment.

Not only that, but the steel plates used in the production process are specially designed for glass lining. Different from traditional steel plates, these steel plates require no burnishing, which gives them a higher thickness and longer service life. We have also introduced the use of glass lining glazes from Germany, as well as advanced vertical glass lining processes.

Instead of fast glass lining using a thermal spraying process, Dereet Gong Tang uses a cold spraying technology for glass lining at mild temperatures. By doing so, we have been able to improve a variety of technical parameters in our glass lined products.

Detailed testing and grinding is done before powder spraying for an overglaze and ground coat. All qualified products must meet GB25025-2010 standards. We also have a separate workshop for the welding and forming of tanks and coil jackets. In this workshop, hydraulic pressure tests are conducted. Finally, a machine testing platform is used for diverse applications, including installation and commissioning of transmission systems, circulating pressure impact tests, reactor component repair, and equipment packaging.